Hi all,

I have a 2009 Trafic DCi150 with a quickshift box.
74k on the clock.

It was working fine when parked up, went to use it after a week, and now it will not select any gears.

It says its in 1st when the ignition is turned on, but the ‘A’ for auto is not on like it always has done. The gearbox symbol goes out after a second or two as normal.

When the engine is started, it does go into ‘N’, (as it should) but then if you try to select any gear, it just thinks about it for a few seconds, then doesn’t do anything except the gearbox symbol light comes on.

If you turn it off for 10 seconds or so and try again it just repeats it all again.

I left it running for an hour or so to get warmed up, and then tried, it started working hit and miss, occasionally it selected a gear and drove, so the clutch/slave cylinder is ok.
I am saying that because at about 34k the slave cylinder failed, on that time it would try to select a gear, then flash the ‘what gear its in number’ to say it couldn’t select that gear.
if you tried to select gears with the engine not running it would go through the gears, you could hear the robotics selecting the gears.

This time with the engine not running, if you try to select a gear it makes a slight noise, doesn’t seem to go into gear, then the gearbox fault light illuminates.

I disconnected the battery overnight to see if that did anything, tried again. still the same fault.

I am a mechanic by trade, is there anything i can do to test the robotic unit?
The hydraulic reservoir is full to the top. It seems like its either not building enough pressure or the actuators are sticking?
I wonder if anyone can help?

My minibus has always had the odd moment where it has a harsh gear change but now it’s doing it far more often and when I’m in traffic my creep is jerking badly. It’s like when you drive a manual car and forget to put the clutch down just before you stop.